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Open Reservation --- --- ---   $475
Kiev Poltava Kharkov July 13 July 22 10 Days/9 Nights $3395
Odessa Nikolaev Kherson July 20 July 29 10 Days/9 Nights $3495
Kiev Poltava Kharkov Odessa Nikolaev Kherson July 13 July 29 17 Days/16 Nights $5495
Kiev Dnipro Zaporozhye Sept 14 Sept 23 10 Days/9 Nights $3595
Odessa Nikolaev Kherson Sept 21 Sept 30 10 Days/9 Nights $3495
Kiev Dnipro Zaporozhye Odessa Nikolaev Kherson Sept 14 Sept 30 17 Days/16 Nights $5695
Kiev Kharkov Nov 23 Dec 2 10 Days/9 Nights $3195
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dating preference form Please complete the Dating Preferences Form. Your dating preferences will provide valuable information for the Staff/Matchmakers who will be assisting you in arranging dates and introductions during your tour. Please give your answers serious consideration as the Matchmakers will use this information to assist you in arranging ideal matches. If possible please upload one or two recent photos which will also be helpful. You can always adjust/change your dating preferences as the tour progresses, and of course you will receive valuable input from the Matchmakers during the tour.
 Your European Tour Includes
  • Socials - One social for every city (All one city tours include 2 socials. Two city tours will include two Socials (one each city;) and three city tours will include three Socials etc.) Socials include unlimited contacts/introductions, personal interpreters hors d'oeuvres, refreshments, champagne.
  • Unlimited Introductions from our Hospitality Suite staff during tour dates with women from our database as well as new women who are not yet on the internet. Interpreters available in the Hospitality Suite from 9am to 9pm. Personal interpreters provided free of charge during the social and in the Hospitality Suite. Ongoing Hospitality Service with translators and staff to assist with any logistics, advice, or any needs you may have.
  • Hotel accommodations, including free daily breakfast and other amenities.
  • Transport from airport, hotel, & all AFA events including Socials where necessary.
  • One three-hour guided tour of the first city.
  • Hotel area and orientation walking tours of all cities.
  • Free 1 month Platinum Membership A $95.00 value!
  • Free $50 Express Mail credit, to enhance your correspondence opportunities prior to your trip.
  • Free Fiancee Visa Kit (for U.S. residents only) $89.50 value.
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* Early Bird Discount can not be used in conjunction with any other discount except the Friend Referral Discount
$300 off "Early Bird Discount" Choose a specific Russian or Ukrainian Romance Tour with or without airfare, prepay in full by personal check, cashiers check or money order 90 days in advance and earn this great discount. Receive a $200 discount if paying by credit card. Full payment and all tour associated documents must be in our possession 90 days prior to tour in order to qualify for this discount.

$300 off "Past Tour Client Discount" If you have attended a previous AFA Russian or Ukrainian Tour with or without airfare you qualify for this discount. Simply list your previous tour city and date of tour in the "comments box " of the reservation page.

$300 off "Friend Referral Discount" Refer a friend or acquaintance to A Foreign Affair Russian or Ukrainian Romance Tour and put money in your pocket. Word of Mouth advertising is the core method by which our company has built its leader status and we would like to reward you for your patronage and loyalty. Referral discounts are distributed at the time of tour departure and participation.

If you would like to reserve your place on our Group Romance Tour please complete the following form. Please remember, we must be in receipt of your initial deposit of $475.00 in order to secure your reservation. The $475.00 non-refundable initial deposit, is fully transferable to any other Group Romance Tour or to a Group Romance Tour Open Status. The first tour cancellation is a complimentary rescheduling at no fee prior to 35 days of the tour date. Subsequent cancellations prior to 35 days advance tour departure will incur a $75.00 rescheduling fee. Your $475.00 tour deposit includes a one month Platinum membership, $50 Express mail credit, the step by step Fiancee Visa Kit, including all the necessary forms for K-1 visa application. Group Tour deposits may not be used for Euro Club Individual Tours. You will receive over $310.00 in goods and services when you place your initial deposit securing your place on the tour of your choice, or when making an open reservation. A nominal cancellation fee of $750.00 will be incurred in the case of reservations being cancelled from 35 days to 17 days prior to departure; 16 days to 8 days a fee of $1200.00 will be incurred; 7days or less a fee of $2000.00 will be incurred.

All cancellations or changes must be in writing. If you are not submitting this form with a credit card please mail your payment to:

7320 N Dreamy Draw Drive
Phoenix, Arizona 85020
(602) 553-8178
FAX (602) 468-1119


If you prefer not to send credit card information by the Internet, please fill out the form and click on "Call in credit card number".

The $475.00 deposit will be subtracted from the balance due for your tour. 50% of the balance is due 45 days prior to departure, and the remaining 50% is due 30 days prior to departure. Any city or return date deviation to the group tour schedule will incur a $200 rescheduling fee, subject to availability. All changes must be submitted in writing at the time of reservation or 45 days prior to ticketing; deviation requests after ticketing will incur additional fees.

You will also have the opportunity to submit a list of specific ladies from your tour city that you would like our staff to invite to the socials on your behalf. This list should be submitted 15 to 30 days prior to departure. Our staff can also assist you to arrange private meetings or to make arrangements to meet specific ladies from outside of the region.

Please be sure to include your phone number and email address. A representative will contact you within 3 days of receipt of your deposit. 

If Paying with a Credit or Debit Card the Charge will appear as:
World Wide Data Link

Please Note: For your safety and comfort, we want to inform you that accommodations you may enjoy under the Americans With Disabilities Act in the U.S. normally do not apply and are typically not provided in many of the countries we visit. Hotels may not have ramps, buses may not have secure seating, and most restaurants and places of interest may not be easily accessible to anyone with limited mobility. We have in the past and are more than willing to work with and do our best to accommodate anyone who may have physical challenges, but we recommend speaking to one of our tour coordinators about it prior to placing a deposit for any tour.

Watch 8 Men Video
Watch these exciting videos from our
May, 2012 - 6 City Ukraine Tour(s)
  • Live Show #80 - May 2012 Ukraine Tour Recap
    Host John Adams is joined in studio by tour client and Current Law Enforcement officer "Joe" and others for a review of the tour. Enjoy great, new video highlights!

  • Watch Show 80 Video



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    Norma, 35

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    Diana is a beautiful woman of Colombia.
    Diana, 31
    Martha is a beautiful woman of Costa Rica.
    Martha, 42
    Cecilia is a beautiful woman of Colombia.
    Cecilia, 33
    Liliana is a beautiful woman of Colombia.
    Liliana, 36
    Modesta is a beautiful woman of Colombia.
    Modesta, 34
    Maria Isabel is a beautiful woman of Mexico.
    Maria I., 35
    S' Luis Potosi

    Meet the Foreign Sweethearts and Prospective Foreign Brides of Latin America

    The services of A Distant Light™ are available to all adult persons of good character, everywhere in the world.  Our prospective foreign brides now number more than 39,000, representing some 60 nations. 

    Ladies are welcome to submit their profiles for publication, without charge, on our Web sites.  Gentlemen who want to promote themselves to the ladies can publish their profiles in our magazine. 

    Carmen is a beautiful woman of Colombia.
    Carmen, 32
    Maria is a beautiful woman of Colombia.
    Maria, 35
    Cristina is a beautiful woman of Colombia.
    Cristina, 33
    Santa Marta
    Lina is a beautiful woman of Colombia.
    Lina, 45
    Gloria Marisol is a beautiful woman of El Salvador.
    Gloria M., 30
    Monica is a beautiful woman of Colombia.
    Monica, 32

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    Galina is a beautiful woman of Belarus.
    Galina, 54
    Rita is a beautiful woman of Kyrgyzstan.
    Rita, 38
    Oksana is a beautiful woman of Latvia.
    Oksana, 35
    Katerina is a beautiful woman of Russia.
    Katerina, 31
    St Petersburg
    Ivona is a beautiful woman of Poland.
    Ivona, 34
    Edina is a beautiful woman of Hungary.
    Edina, 31

    Find the Foreign Sweethearts and Prospective Foreign Brides of Europe and the CIS Countries
    (We have grouped the Baltic States together with the CIS countries.)

    A Distant Light™ Romance Tours by A Foreign Affair are extraordinary travel adventures.  Beyond the excitement of exploring faraway places, imagine having a lovely woman like one of those featured here – or one of many hundreds of other beautiful hearts – as your companion and guide.  Consider the possibility of her becoming a lifetime companion.  This could happen for you! 

    If you don't have a special lady in mind to meet, where would you like to go exploring?  To find which of our tours appeals to you most, begin at the Romance Tours Index.  If you've chosen one of the foreign sweethearts who lives far from any of our Romance Tours destinations, or you prefer to meet independently, we can provide Travel Information to help facilitate your meeting. 

    Natalia is a beautiful woman of Russia.
    Natalia, 30
    St Petersburg
    Nataliya is a beautiful woman of Ukraine.
    Nataliya, 32
    Elena is a beautiful woman of Belarus.
    Elena, 34
    Zhanna is a beautiful woman of Ukraine.
    Zhanna, 36
    Alisa is a beautiful woman of Uzbekistan.
    Alisa, 30
    Irina is a beautiful woman of Estonia.
    Irina, 51

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    Lupe is a beautiful woman of the Philippines.
    Lupe, 33
    Phasinee is a beautiful woman of Thailand.
    Phasinee, 45
    Imeeva is a beautiful woman of the Philippines.
    Imeeva, 38
    Rosalynn is a beautiful woman of the Philippines.
    Rosalynn, 51
    Jetta is a beautiful woman of Hong Kong.
    Jetta, 33
    Hong Kong
    Aida is a beautiful woman of the Philippines.
    Aida, 32

    Discover the Foreign Sweethearts and Prospective Foreign Brides of Eastern Asia

    And for an uplifting example of romance gone right, take time to enjoy the Web site of Jeffrey and Emelda Hollis.  Screenwriter Jeff's engaging stories of courtship and marriage with Emelda (who is absolutely adorable) will touch your heart. 

    Jeff & Emelda: A Love Story
    Marriage Can Be a Trip
    Immigration Diary
    J and E vs Maury Povich
    Emelda in America
    The Woman of His Dreams

    Jocelyn is a beautiful woman of Hong Kong.
    Jocelyn, 43
    Evelyn is a beautiful woman of the Philippines.
    Evelyn, 32
    Alona is a beautiful woman of Hong Kong.
    Alona, 41
    Hong Kong
    Candy is a beautiful woman of China.
    Candy, 33
    Ana is a beautiful woman of Singapore.
    Ana, 36
    Rowena is a beautiful woman of the Philippines.
    Rowena, 30

    Across the Orient, elegant traditional costumes like the blue dress worn by the lady at right are de rigueur for any formal affair.  Every woman who can possibly afford it owns at least one such outfit, in the style that is characteristic of her particular culture.

    If such a woman were eventually to become your bride, one of her gifts to you would be to dress this way, on special occasions, to please you and make you feel proud of her.  One of your gifts to her would be to create many such opportunities for her to enjoy with you.

    Imagine the heads your lady would turn, and the tremendous pride you would take in having her walk by your side.

    Such considerations, by themselves, do not constitute grounds for marriage, but they can be among the potential rewards of a well-founded multicultural partnership.


    Who Is This Elegant Lady?

    In the sections immediately preceding and following this, we feature a total of 25 of the beautiful women of eastern Asia.  Most are shown wearing contemporary Western-style attire.  Here, we present one of those same ladies adorned in styles that are traditional to her culture.  Bearing in mind that her assorted photographs may have been taken at various times, can you recognize which of our featured Asian women this is?  (When you are ready, click on either of these pictures to see her profile.) 

    A Beautiful Asian Woman A Lovely Asian Lady

    Prasertporn, 30

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    Evelyn is a beautiful woman of the Philippines.
    Evelyn, 32
    Angelita is a beautiful woman of the Philippines.
    Angelita, 44
    Roda is a beautiful woman of Hong Kong.
    Roda, 32
    Hong Kong
    Cherry is a beautiful woman of Hong Kong.
    Cherry, 35
    Hong Kong
    Zhang is a beautiful woman of China.
    Zhang, 38
    Ratchanee is a beautiful woman of Thailand.
    Ratchanee, 33

    International Introduction Service Q & A

    Foreign Courtship Advice and Recommendations From the Editors of A Distant Light™

    Q: I'd prefer to meet a woman immediately than to first correspond with her at length.  Wouldn't that be the more effective approach? 

    A: The answer depends upon what you hope to accomplish. 

    For men whose objective is simply to get away for a well-deserved vacation, one of our Romance Tours could be the travel adventure of a lifetime, with abundant opportunities for dating attractive (often stunningly attractive) single women who genuinely desire to meet them.  AFA takes care of all the details, and clients can enjoy meeting new friends almost immediately. 

    For those whose purpose is to identify and meet potential life partners, however, there is no substitute for adequate preparation.  Clients who lack the necessary patience to establish and develop meaningful relationships before rushing to meet the prospective foreign brides might succeed in finding suitable partners within the context of a Romance Tour, but it shouldn't require a rocket scientist to calculate that their chances of connecting with the right one among hundreds of available women will be substantially limited. 

    The interests of men who are disinclined to correspond might be better served by local dating agencies than by an international introductions agency such as A Distant Light™

    Q: Why write to several prospective foreign brides at one time?  Wouldn't that just diffuse my efforts, and risk offending all of them? 

    A: You can more objectively evaluate the suitability of potential partners, and be less reluctant to downplay any relationships that fail to show promise, if you have a variety of available alternatives. 

    Besides, experience has shown that even very well written letters of introduction to single foreign women seeking marriage can be expected to elicit favorable responses in only about 50 percent of instances.  Typical letters to women looking for husbands might draw favorable responses in only 30 to 40 percent of instances.  Although the prospective foreign brides are eager to find life partners, generally they are not desperate.  (If they were desperate, you shouldn't want them!)  Rather, they will be as careful about selecting their partners as you should be.  Some rejections are therefore to be expected, and shouldn't be taken personally because the women don't know you personally. 

    Also, about half of the women who initially are receptive may decide, after further evaluation, to continue their searches. 

    So, if you were to approach, say, a dozen prospective foreign brides, you might realistically expect to be able to choose, eventually, among two or perhaps three of them.  (Remember, though, that this is based on statistical data, from which your individual experience may differ.) 

    Generally speaking, you'll do better to maintain a balanced perspective and improve your chances of success by beginning, on a casual basis, with as many prospective foreign brides as you can comfortably manage, and progressively narrowing the field as relationships develop.  The women shouldn't object to this reasonable approach if you are honest with them, you respect their feelings and they understand that your intention is to find the most suitable partner, which, after all, is in the best interests of everyone. 

    Evi is a beautiful woman of Indonesia.
    Evi, 34
    Rowena is a beautiful woman of Hong Kong.
    Rowena, 33
    Hong Kong
    Sheila is a beautiful woman of Singapore.
    Sheila, 31
    Eka is a beautiful woman of Singapore.
    Eka, 32
    Florabel is a beautiful woman of the Philippines.
    Florabel, 31
    Winnie is a beautiful woman of Taiwan.
    Winnie, 31


    Joel Crohn

    Henry Makow

    Dugan Romano

    Lynn Visson



    Foreign Sweethearts and Foreign Brides Resources

    Foreign sweethearts are more likely to become the foreign brides of gentlemen who demonstrate an interest in, and some knowledge of, their native cultures.  A Lonely Planet ® Travel Survival Kit™ can be helpful.  Besides the practical advice for travelers, they provide some historical background and discuss relevant social, political and economic aspects of modern society.



    Hong Kong
    and Macau




    and Brunei




    …or click here to browse more Lonely Planet ® titles.

    You can benefit from the experiences (both good and bad) of others, in the pursuit of intercultural relationships, by referring to these worthwhile additional foreign brides resources.  And remember, at A Distant Light™ we're here to help!  You can contact us by phone, fax, e-mail or postal mail, or visit us (no appointment is necessary during regular business hours) at any of the AFA offices worldwide. 

    Premiere Site

    "Love is eternal.  The aspect may change, but not the essence.  There is the same difference in a person, before and after he is in love, as there is in an unlighted lamp and one that is burning.  The lamp was there and was a good lamp, but now it is shedding light, too – and that is its real function." 


    —Vincent van Gogh 

    Also see
     A Distant Light™

    "Sea of Love"

     We appreciate the cooperation of these and other friends around the world.

    Translation by Victor A. Voronel 
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        This popular American singer and songwriter of German and Brazilian descent is admired by generations of music lovers everywhere.  Her name is practically synonymous with the bossa nova style of her native Brazil, and her endearing voice can be one of the most seductive on the planet. 
        Yet, there is more to be said of this remarkable woman, of which you may have been unaware.  She is also a talented graphic artist.  Through sales of the reproductions and prints of her original artworks (which can make unforgettable gifts, especially when signed by the artist herself), she supports efforts to protect animals from mistreatment. 
        Please see the charming (if, at times, necessarily intense) Web pages that have been created, with love, by this profoundly beautiful human being, 

    –––––––—Ms. Astrud Gilberto—–––––––

    [The Editors of A Distant Light™ are privileged to express our appreciation of Ms. Gilberto and her work.  Ms. Gilberto is not a participant in our service.]

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